Sunday, July 15, 2012

Android + PCL and HDR Project

Recently I had been updating the blog on here.

If you are still interested in Android + Kinect + Tegra, then you shall definitely take a look at what we are doing with PCL next.

Also, we have created our HDR video webservice Basically you can create your own HDR video easily with any Canon DSLR camera (see magic lantern firmware hacks). These will be demonstrated in SIGGRAPH 2012! Lots of hacks from our lab will be demonstrated there.

Today I've been scanning films. A painful job but seems like I'm getting very good results with these OLD toys ;)! By taking multiple exposures of the film with my Canon 9000F flatbed scanner, I can extend the dynamic range of my result by 2-3 stops! ;) Not bad at all if we are trying to save details in the shadow or highlight!

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